The Dowling Thing are a four-piece band featuring Banjo, Fiddle/Vocals, Electric Bass and Drums.
They play a mix of styles including Bluegrass, Jazz, Folk and Funk.

Shortly after John and Anna moved from London to Cornwall they met Tom and Hugo in St. Ives. Aware of each others musical abilities the temptation to try something together was simply too strong and from the first band practice they new they were on to something fresh and exciting.

They vowed not to be restrained by musical genres or to label themselves as a particular style, but to allow any type of music take them in any direction they felt inspired to take, and to just see how it sounds.

Due to the musical background of each member being one of more Jam and Groove based, the Dowling Thing have naturally leaned more towards the Funky side of writing, whilst combining the acoustic quality of the Banjo and Fiddle.

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